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  • [Production Related] The Green Mosaic of Verde Prato
    This marble has a very beautiful texture and color,which is very popular all over the world. It's very hard and after our polishing and processing, the board is very shiny. There are 3 kinds of slab sytles on the market right now: 1. Veins 2. Flowers 3. Analogous to White Beauty. The waves and flowers in the green background give the space more active and prosperous feelings, which are loved by designers. It is a great choice for project. It is very suitable for the decoration of indoor walls, floors and countertops etc. Our factory splices different styles of panels into mosaics, bringing new vitality and vitality to home decoration. If you have any interest or questions about this marble, welcome to contact us.
  • [Production Related] AMAZZONITE|Make life more comfortable
    Living in a busy city being pushed forward by the rush of life it has become a luxury to appreciate nature
  • [Production Related] Customization | Stair application with Calacatta
    Each piece of Calacatta white slab texture is selected to achieve the perfect chasing effect, and the Calacatta white works have been laid out many times, so that the effect of the Calacatta white texture on the stairs is perfectly traced, natural connection, infinite extension, and outline Fashionable style.
  • [Production Related] Change “manufacturing”to “intelligent manufacturing”
    Transition from traditional to intelligent Shift from manual to mechanization Shift from experience to data ······
  • [Production Related] The perfect combination of gray marble and wood
    The complete combination of gray marble and wood makes the living room simple, full of stars, and full of courage, creating a warm and comfortable home environment.