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Customization | Stair application with Calacatta

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Customization | Stair application with Calacatta

Recently, in the workshop of Yingliang Datai Engineering and Processing Center

a white staircase space works of Calacatta of hundreds of square meters came into being

At the scene, slices of white Calacatta products are arranged neatly and uniformly, with natural texture running through them

 Upon closer inspection, the beauty of gray and white creates a unique temperament, telling the inherent nobility and elegance of white Calacatta

marble floor tiles

Each piece of Calacatta white slab texture is selected to achieve the perfect chasing effect

 and the Calacatta white works have been laid out many times

so that the effect of the Calacatta white texture on the stairs is perfectly traced

natural connection, infinite extension, and outline Fashionable style

marble floor tiles

marble floor tiles

We inlay the metal copper strips on each step of the stairs

and perfectly blend the white and exquisite texture of the Calacatta with the noble and dynamic metal copper elements

which is more beautiful and fashionable while playing anti-slip, and full of light luxury

marble tiles

marble tiles

marble tiles

marble tiles

Every piece of craftsmanship is exquisite, meticulously carve high-end stone

have a deep understanding of the stone space, strive for perfect engineering quality

and live up to the expectations of every owner who comes here

and also live up to the stone The peerless beauty of this is the respect and awe of the stone,

 and it is the attitude of Yingliang Datai to pursue perfect quality

marble slab

                                                                                                                                                                                           5th-Gallery live shooting