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Change “manufacturing”to “intelligent manufacturing”

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Change “manufacturing”to “intelligent manufacturing”


Yingliang Group|Stone Engineering Full Case Manufacturer

Quanzhou Yingliang Processing Center, one of its four major processing bases

All intelligent production equipment is operating at high speed

Let us walk into the production workshop

Feel the busyness of production

intelligent manufacturing

A busy and orderly production atmosphere


In the production workshop

Several Stone Elf Infrared Guard C500

Intelligent scanning, automatic loading, automatic cutting, automatic transmission

Labeling, coding, typesetting···

A Intelligent Production Scene

stone factory

stone factory

stone factory

stone factory

Order increase production busy


Equipment is the guarantee of productivity

Facing fast-growing capacity demand

The workshop adds an upgraded version of Stone Weishi C500S

Increase production efficiency

The output value can reach 350 square meters

Save time and effort to improve efficiency

stone factory

stone factory

Change “manufacturing”to “intelligent manufacturing”


From the original hand-cranked machine and bridge cutting machine

Then to the intelligent stone bathroom C500S

Change "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing"

Upgrade through intelligence

One-click operation and full inspection throughout the entire production process

Reduce operating costs

Provide production efficiency

Improve production quality

stone factory

stone factory

stone factory

Transition from traditional to intelligent

Shift from manual to mechanization

Shift from experience to data


stone factory

stone factory

stone factory

stone factory

Introduce fully automatic production equipment 

Create an intelligent production workshop


Introduce high-efficiency capacity intelligent production equipment

The entire production process from the order to the completion of the product

Digital management

High yield rate, high production efficiency, high output

Ensure product quality and supply speed

Provides a strong guarantee for production capacity

stone factory

stone factory

stone factory