What is liquid marble

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What is liquid marble


Do you think the picture above is a water scene?

Wrong, this is a piece of marble.

Various stone processing techniques

With the development of science and technological progress

Processed products

Has broken through our inherent imagination

Marble as one of the hardest materials

Popular in the building materials market

You may not imagine one day

Hard marble can become so soft and romantic

For example, the picture below

marble stone

Yes, you're not mistaken

This is the effect of the marble made into a liquid surface

Such a unique marble

It's really impressive

Hand-polished marble block

It's like a liquid ocean that suddenly stops,

The wave freezes at this moment.


The device is under the reflection of light,

Constantly twisting and turning,

Smooth marble

Can easily capture every subtle change in light,

And deepen oneself.


This is French designer mathieu lehanneur

It is the natural art center in the Chateau Chaumont-sur-Loire

Brought a piece called

"Petite loire" 

Water state marble landscape installation


Less than a few meters away from the natural river surface,

Petite loire 

The verdant green stone form is clearly cut on the garden,

Let the soil fill up with a fresh feeling of water ripples,

It's natural and dizzying.

Petite loire has reached a kind

The marvelous realm of the integration of stone, water and light.


The construction process of liquid marble

【Construction Essentials】

Linear sawing takes shape▽


CNC carving out peaks and valleys▽


Hand-polished and finally perfected▽


The key to construction: the waves are natural and freehand, and the crests and ridges are straight▽


【Liquid Marble Furniture Construction Works】



The artistic effect of liquid marble,

The new era of 3D special effects software,

Machine engraving is combined with traditional manual polishing,

Blurred the boundary between design and art.

Use complex 3D software to simulate

The continuous waves of the sea being blown by the wind,

Then use the mechanical sculpture outline,

And then polished by hand to make the surface reach

Realistic visual impression of sparkling waves.

Let this piece of marble, which was originally just a simple stone,

Become a sparkling sea~