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Various processing techniques of stone

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Various processing techniques of stone

A stone, hundreds of millions of years,

has experienced the earth's scorching age, 

cold age, great changes in the earth's crust, and vicissitudes of life. We can imagine how much energy the earth used for this stone.

project stone

Until today, we have been looking for minerals,

mining and transportation, processing, cutting, polishing to present a beautiful piece of natural marble to everyone.

The value can be imagined.

Today, let’s talk about the various stone processing techniques that subvert everyone’s cognition.


Stone mining

There is a process behind every stone: wasteland reclamation



△The winding road of mining

In stone quarrying, every block is hard-won.

Founder's natural stone blocks are scattered all over the flat mining area,

which will give full play to its value and rejuvenate




Stone craft

factory block

factory stone

The blocks are transported to the factory for secondary cutting, 

and the processed marble slabs with unique textures 

can be used for home decoration background wall decoration

marble wall decor

marble slab

marble decoration

△The stone is processed into a large slab to make a background wall

The big slabs are cut and typeset according to the customer's size, 

made into specification boards, and then traced and pasted on site

marble floor tiles

△Stone cutting typesetting

marble tiles

floor tiles

marble floor tiles

△Stone trace pattern paving

It can also be made into different mosaic effects according to design requirements, or refined into different texture surfaces


△Large waterjet mosaic layout



△Stone waterjet mosaic

Different stone texture surfaces

surface stone

polished marble

natural marble

marble stone

countertop marble

Special-shaped processing can also be carried out according to engineering needs, 

using CNC CNC engraving technology to engrave dragon pillars, 

Roman pillars, European door frames and other shapes


△CNC carving process

carving process

carving process

carving process

carving process

The wide application of natural stone is not only suitable for the field of tooling, 

but also gradually becoming the darling in the field of home improvement, 

and more and more end consumers are more inclined to the application of stone in the home improvement space.

marble decoration

hotel stone

decoration stone

countertop stone

wall floor tiles

countertop marble

△Stone application in home space


Stone home

The new life of the stone under the meticulous creation of the designer, 

realizes the exquisiteness and practicality brought by the stone homeization, life and art.

marble countertop

marble design

design marble

marble design

Mumei home stone high-end custom series


Stone art

The mined blocks need to be further processed, and can be turned into small pieces of wool after processing.

marble design

design stone

stone design

stone design



Scrap reuse

rocks stone

△Small rocks left over from mining

Designers, you can turn them into many small crafts, 

and the leftovers with good color can also be processed into various jewelry

stone craft

stone craft

stone craft

△Handicraft ornaments

stone craft

stone craft

stone craft

△Handicraft Jewelry

The above are the different techniques for stone, 

from prospecting and prospecting, to mining and processing, to artistic finished products, 

each piece of natural stone contains the painstaking effort of countless people in the stone industry.