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The process of making curling

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The process of making curling

With the Winter Olympics going on, curling, 

a sports equipment, has come into people's eyes

Now, let me show you how to make a curling 

The curling body is a grey stone with a handle on it. 

And this gray stone is not a whole, 

it consists of the body and the bottom of the pot, 

which are made of two different stones, 

Common Ailsa and Blue Hone.

Winter Olympics

Curling stones used in current curling competitions are mainly produced in two places: the Isle of Elsa Craig in Scotland and North Wales.

Among them, the curling stones produced by Elsa Craig Island are of the best quality, accounting for 60%-70% of the total. 

Huge columnar joints can be seen in the rocks on the island.

granite stone

                                                                                                   elsa craig island

There are significant differences between the early curling and the curling 

used in the competition today in terms of material, handle, structure, and fineness of grinding.

sport equipment

                                                                                                   the early curling

The production of a curling curler used in the Winter Olympics has to go through multiple links 

such as mining, shaping and polishing of rough stones. 

Except for the use of machinery for rough stone mining, 

all other links need to be done by hand by pot-makers. 

Normally, it takes 5 skilled workers 3 days to complete a set of curling. 

The experience of workers sometimes plays an important role in the production process 

and is the key to producing a high-quality curling bottle.

the process of making curling

How to maintain curling?

The main body of the curling is a rock. 

There are many invisible small gaps in the seemingly dense rock. 

Water can enter the inside of the rock through these gaps. 

The curling actually needs to be waterproofed.

The main waterproof treatment method is to apply a waterproof protective wax film to the curling. 

The protective wax film will gradually evaporate, 

so it is necessary to regularly apply a waterproof protective wax film to the curling.

Winter Olympics

In curling, the curler must constantly rub against the ice surface and collide with other curlers. 

The body and bottom of the curler are inevitably worn and small pits appear. 

At this time, resin glue can be used for bonding and polishing. 

It can be refurbished when the curling is used for a long time,

the bottom friction ring is deflected and the large area of deep pits