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Royal Green Gaya Green Quartzite Slab

Royal Green quartzite.Its color is turquoise, as fresh as the color of nature. It is a rare variety in nature and is widely favored by people. The texture of green jade is delicate and round, the texture is gentle, and the light transmission effect is good. Its decoration will make the whole The space is vibrant and full of nature. This can be seen from the green jade picture to see its beauty!
green marble,Natural de-carved decoration, fresh and natural tones, is the first choice for home decoration that is highly respected by the public today, using the natural texture of marble to create a green and comfortable space.
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  • Quartzite


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Product Name Royal Green Gaya Green Quartzite Slab
Material quartzite
Colors green
Surface/Finish Polished,Honed,CNC,Hammered,Antique
Place of   Origin Brasial





Customized size
1.8cm thickness ready slab

Interior   decoration

House floor & wall tiles

Private villas decoration
Shipping mall
Hotel projects
We have used this green marble stone tiles in the floor and wall of private   villa's bathroom and the hotel lobby.
MOQ Negotiable
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,T/T
Delivery time 2~4 weeks after 30%   deposit received, based on the quantity
Package Seaworthy wooden   crate, Pallet
Slabs 1000M2 in stock
Our services Online technical support, Onsite   Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection

green quartzite

quartzite slab

quartzite slab

quartzite slab