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Pink semi precious stone House Decor

Pink crystal also known as rose crystal, lotus crystal, lotus stone, rose crystal, is a luxury stone.
It's a kind of transparent stone, pink quartz tiles. The texture of the powder crystal is brittle, and it is pink because of the trace titanium element inside. Pure quartz allows a range of ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths to pass through, and has properties such as optical rotation, piezoelectric and electrostrictive properties.Powder crystal transparency from opaque to translucent to transparent.
It is a well-known and popular semi precious gemstones, especial suit for the lady.
There are two forms of large slabs and tiles
It is generally suitable for the decoration of hotel walls and bar counters
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  • Semi-precious

  • YL

  • 680291

Gem stone pink quartzite is the most representative, widely applied, and helpful of the Crystal family. It is a well-known gemstone as the queen of crystal and popular for the ladys.

Product Name Pink semi precious stone
Material Semi-precious Stone
Colors Pink
Surface/Finish Polished,Honed,Backlit
Place of Origin Africa
Sizes 300mm*600mm
Customized size
1.8cm thickness ready slab
Applications Interior decoration
House floor & wall tiles
Private villas decoration
Shipping mall
Hotel projects



We have used this semi-precious stone pink quartzite of house decor for the private villa, apartments and hotel projects.

MOQ Negotiable
Payment Terms L/C,D/P,T/T
Delivery time 2~4 weeks after 30% deposit received, based on the quantity
Package Seaworthy wooden crate, Pallet
Slabs 500M2 in stock
Our services Online technical support, Onsite Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection

1. What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is usually 100 m2 for slabs, but for cut-to-size, it will be 300m2,  and for furniture, the MOQ is 10 pieces.

2. What is your time of making samples?

Usually we will take 1~3 days to make the samples.

3. What is our delivery time?

Usually, the time of delivery is 3-4 weeks after we receive the deposit.

4. What is the shipping port?

We ship most at Xiamen Port, FOB

5. What are your payment terms?

We accept 30% T/T in advance, 70% in the period of shipment.

6. What is the location of your company?

Yingliang group have 4 Project Centers: 2 in Shuitou, Quanzhou City, the stone center of the world, 1 in Qingdao City and 1 in Beijing City. Beyond that, we have 9 wholesale and marketing center in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Chengdu, Yunfu. We appreciate that you can visit us.

7. What are your main products?

Yingliang group have 9 mines all over the world, located in Turkey, China, Brazil and Spain, so we have lots of blocks.

We have more than 500 different kinds of normal price slabs in our 9 wholesale centers for your slabs requirements.

We have 4 project centers that provides any customized cut-to-size, CNC, Special Shapes, Water-jet, Carving and Columns.  

Yingliang group are the first and biggest Semi-precious stone company in Asia, so we provides more than 45 different kinds of Semi-precious stones.

Our 5th Gallery provides more than 300 different luxury stones from all over the world.

We also provide all services that are related to stone businesses.