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"National Treasure Class" Stone-Panda White

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"National Treasure Class" Stone-Panda White


The origin of panda white stone

Sichuan not only has giant pandas

Also produced a beautiful marble-panda white

The same black and white colors, miraculously splashing heavy ink with black on the pure white background. 

Minimalist and two colors, suitable in shades, like a landscape painting, when this stone comes out, it is a miracle


marble block


What is the pattern of panda white marble?

Panda White is a black and white marble stone

On white baseboard

The black lines flow casually and unrestrainedly

Black and white texture

With the exquisite poetry of Wu Guanzhong's ink and wash

Called "National Treasure"

marble slab


The use of panda white stone in space

Black and white have always been classics and never go out of style

Panda White is an unparalleled perfect combination of black and white!

black and white marble

One stone design with multiple patterns

Each piece is coherent as a whole and has a strong sense of extension

It will give people a sense of luxury and style

More textured impression

marble decoration

marble wall decor

marble floor tiles

Black and white can also create a sense of elegance and elegant style

Lost the luxury, leaving simplicity and purity

marble wall decor

marble floor tiles

marble floor tiles

Choose this in the bathroom

Panda white with lines like clouds and flowing water

Let the lines spread staggeredly on the wall

Let the whole space be filled with a messy beauty

marble tiles

marble wall decor

marble wall

In the interpenetration of black and white

Color impact with sharp contrast

So as to produce an absolute and relative visual effect

Dynamic but without losing natural harmony