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Cloud wave Marble | Beauty that people can't refuse

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Cloud wave Marble | Beauty that people can't refuse

Water and cloud handover, compatible with each other

Has the characteristics of cloud and water

Delicate and smooth lines

As cool as the clouds and flowing water

chinese natural marble stone

natural stone

Color: It can be divided into two types, mainly due to the difference in color. 

The first color is more vivid, with black, light gray, and orange as the basic colors. 

The second color is soft, brown, beige and yellow in staggered distribution, like layers of waves moving forward.

Features: Luster and watery, elegant and gentle, suitable for decoration in large spaces, giving people warmth and comfort.


stone project

countertop stone

In the soft texture of the water cloud yarn

The rainbow-like dream was crushed among the floating algae

marble floor tiles

marble floor tiles

The water and clouds meet, as unrestrained as running clouds and flowing water, 

like a stream of clear spring water gurgling, and the wavy lines advance layer by layer, like rippling soft waves.

marble wall decor

marble wall decor

Pure and flawless material, as white as the clouds in the sky, and as delicate and soft as the light gauze 

that you want to put in the water, easily creating a peaceful atmosphere