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Chinese green jade natural marble stone

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Chinese green jade natural marble stone

Emerald in the Clouds

On the luxurious and low-key green, there are black, gray, white cloud-like patterns, regular or irregular. 

The material is delicate, moist and bright, natural and transparent.

green marble stone

green marble

There are two main styles, 

one is emerald green, the overall elegance is like a vast galaxy, natural and freehand, smart and free, decorating a simple and elegant living space, implicit and elegant. 

The second is dark green, silk green and ink are closely intertwined, perfect combination, fusion, and mutual color, not only has the thickness of ink, but also has the freshness of green

green marble

marble countertop

marble wall decor

The dark green style home decoration effect adds a calm and atmospheric color to the overall home decoration style, 

which shows the weight of life and gives people unlimited imaginatio

marble project

wall marble stone

With its fresh color and natural texture, the jade in the cloud is natural and fresh, fashionable and noble, which is eye-catching