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Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum - Know

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Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum - Know


Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum, founded in 2015, covers an area of 25,000㎡. The total investment is RMB 150million. It includes Nature Pavilion, Human Pavilion, Modern Stone Pavilion and Stone Industry Pavilions

Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum is the first and biggest private-owned stone-theme museum. Since 2015, it has published 4 articles on Mazagine Nature and Magazine Science. Now, the museum has 3 kinds of dinosaurs named by Yingliang Group.

Stone Museum

The whole building entrance, designed by Alter Archetichure, has won many famous design awards on the world

Stone Museum

inside of the museum at the first floor


10-person professional repairement team in our own repairement loboratory. Now, the museum owns more than 60 national-class precious collection.

fossil Museum

F: Can it be sold?

Q: Some of Ore specimen can be sold.

F: So great!

Q: Thank you.