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Yingliang | 5th GALLERY, Quantity of Global Stone Material Selection Center

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Yingliang | 5th GALLERY, Quantity of Global Stone Material Selection Center

Not every story

Both are global stone material selection centers

Only Complete variety, large quantity, wide material, and color

High quality and good service

It can be called the global stone material selection center

Yingliang | 5th GALLERY

Is working hard to build



Large storage volume

Yingliang | 5th Gallery

Overseas business department is stationed in stone-producing country

Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Iran ...

Large reserves of stone mine resources

Nearly 100 own mines, total generation mines, and joint venture mines

Baiyulan mine, Sequoia Wood mine, Elegant Brown mine, Cloud Wave mine

Allen Blue Mine, Snow Mountain Silver Fox Mine, Versace Black Mine

Yundola grey mine ,Olive grey mine

Bolivian Blue Mine...

stone mine

Baiyulan Mine

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingliang Group

Turkey TEDA Mining | Own Mine

Two mines, covering an area of more than 200 hectares

Annual output is more than 30,000 tons


Allen Blue Mine

Yingliang Group's overseas general agent mine

Spain | Pyrenees

500 cubic meters per year

300 cubic meters per year

 mine   mine   mine   mine

  block   block   block   block

Rich mine reserves and stable ore body

Convenient mining, abundant annual output

Provide mineral supply guarantee for the material selection center

Make 5th GALLERY updated at any time

stone company

stone slab     stone slab     stone slab

Yingliang | 5th GALLERY

There are also 7 product display libraries

Exhibit over 200,000 square meters of stone slabs in stock

Implementation of large-scale "data-based" management in the library

Introduce smart scanner

Each slab is scanned into the warehouse

All have an exclusive "ID card"

Cover basic information such as origin, high-definition pictures, size, etc.

Provide convenient and fast purchase requirements for material selection

semiprecious     semiprecious     semiprecious

semiprecious     semiprecious     semiprecious

Large spot reserves

Simple architectural appearance, but the interior is unique

Yingliang | 5th GALLERY

The total area is more than 25,000 square meters

Reasonable space planning in the museum

There are 9 theme experience halls

Handicraft Hall, Kitchen Experience Hall, Home Experience Hall, Villa Experience Hall

French Pavilion, Bathroom Experience Pavilion, Craft Experience Pavilion

Fanjing Experience Hall, Shishang Café


Behind every best-selling

There is always a continuous supply of mineral sources

Stable mineral source, abundant spot quantity

Material selection for design or wholesale engineering

Provide strong resource supply guarantee

Welcome to visit and buy