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Meet Sequoia wood Quartzite, meet nature

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Meet Sequoia wood Quartzite, meet nature

Wood grain is not only a symbol of life force,It is a decorative visual art

Wood, simple and clean, warm and comfortable

Wood grain, a life characteristic given to trees by nature

Take a closer look at these wonderful wood grain textures

Is the best memory of the years, enduring endless changes

Can satisfy our yearning for nature and the pursuit of warmth

wood quartzite 

In 2018, the naturalistic style of home furnishing has gradually emerged. 

Everyone can create a private and exclusive field and green space at home.

Yingliang 5th-Gallery has created a naturalistic home that allows you to put aside the noise and annoyance, 

while presenting simplicity, The artistic conception of softness, luxury and return, 

and the Sequoia Wood Quartzite in Yingliang 5th-Gallery will constitute an indispensable rhythm in your perfect life


                                                                             Sequoia Wood Quartzite

wood quartzite

                                                                             Origin: Brazil

                                                                                Lithology: Quartzite

Features: The texture of the Sequoia Wood grain is delicate and simple, 

the texture is elegant and moist, and the wood grain texture is vivid and lifelike. 

It combines natural primary colors and luxury.

It is loved for its elegant tones, clear textures, and back to basics.

 It is naturally elegant and simple The wind can also bring a strong poetry to the home. 

Application areas: suitable for entrance hallways, hotel lobbies, study rooms,

 living rooms, TV background walls, wall and floor paving, countertops, etc.

quartzite floor tiles

Sequoia Wood Quartzite is like a dancer in the space. 

Its graceful posture drives the atmosphere of the space, swaying together, elegant and charming, and the wood color is full of elegance.

 The wood color is pure and translucent, the wood grain is fine and natural, and the fine lines form a smooth feeling like an oil painting on the surface. 

Sequoia Wood grain composes an elegant ode to the spatial temperament, bringing a simple and elegant poetry to the home.

quartzite floor tiles

The ground is paved with Sequoia Wood Quartzite in a large area. 

The gray, smoky natural and flexible curve outlines a nostalgic, calm and warm tone. 

The natural Sequoia Wood exudes a fresh and refreshing log. 

Breath, walking on the wood grain, as if being in a primitive tree house, 

without dazzling sunlight and color, just open the window and breathe the breeze from the distant forest.

quartzite floor tiles

The classic Sequoia Wood Quartzite logs create different naturalistic home styles from shallow to deep,

 satisfying multiple visual experiences. Shallow, it can be fresh and elegant, or it can be stylish and simple. Deep, 

it can be European-style retro or Chinese-style elegant, taking the beauty of nature to build a livable room, 

but no matter what style, we can touch the gentleness of the stone in the delicate texture.

quartzite floor tiles

                                                                                Sequoia Wood Quartzite丨Steve Leung- Henghe, Xiamen


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