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Demystified | "2021 Stone Industry Trend Report"

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Demystified | "2021 Stone Industry Trend Report"

"2021 Stone Industry Trend Report"

Throughout the world, China is moving from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, from extensive operation to artistic design, how can stone companies base themselves on the world's stone forest, step by step, and find a unique upgrade Road to innovation?


Shishanhui members held the 2021 annual meeting at the Portman Seven Star Bay Hotel in Xiamen

Stone Industry

        This annual meeting was presided over by Liu Liang, 

Chairman of Yingliang Group and Chairman of Shi Shanhui.

The members of Shi Shanhui’s committees conducted research on the status of domestic 

and foreign resources of the stone industry, variety and fashion trends,industrial Internet participation,

and new channel development. In-depth analysis of the whole ecology

Chairman Liu Liang, as a representative, solemnly released the "2021 Stone Industry Trend Report"

Stone Industry

Stone Industry

Stone Industry

After several hours of intense discussions, the participants expressed their opinions one after another.

Under the collision of thinking,  the development trend of the stone industry from resources to varieties,

 from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, from design to channels... Have a clearer presentation.

Stone Industry

Professor Chen Chuang, director of the EDP Center of Xiamen University School of Management, 

attended this annual meeting and provided professional advice on the process, 

content and format of the report from a theoretical perspective

Professor Chen Chuang pointed out that the "2021 Stone Industry Trend Report" fully absorbs the views judgments 

and insights of entrepreneurs from different links in the resource, manufacturing, and channel industry chains.

   It is a "stone work" with a unique industry perspective and characteristics. 

         The trends and conclusions of this report are determined by the entrepreneurs participating in the report. 

Compared with the industry research reports made by research institutions

this report can directly accelerate the evolution of 

  the stone industry and push the stone industry in the right direction. 

Stone Industry

At the meeting, Chairman Liu Liang  released the "2021 Stone Industry Trend Report" 

which was discussed and formed by members of Shi Shanhui.

 Through the research framework of "phenomenon-analysis-trend",

 the report provides in-depth industry empowerment and focuses on core advantages.

 It clearly points out that the current market competition is surging and it is imperative to protect green mines.

 Under the industry trend, cross-border design may be able to find another way. 

Explore a sustainable development path for the stone industry and further demonstrate the vitality of stone.

Stone Industry

Chairman Liu Liang said: more and more stone companies are gradually presenting 

a complex integrating multiple concepts and cross-border designs

integrating life and feelings in the development of stone

 looking forward to the future

 the beauty of stone with culture as the core will be Provide new market growth space for the industry

and even tell the story about the "breathing stone" to the world.


Stone Industry

Facing the current new economic situation at home and abroad

all colleagues in the stone industry should unite together, actively explore

lead the continuous innovation of the stone industry to realize the sustainable development of the industry.